I first met Kirk from SPPRC when we opened our pool. Kirk was brought in by our pool company to open the pool and educate us on the pool equipment. He was very accommodating of our schedule, and did a great job explaining the equipment. He also went out of his way to make himself available anytime by cell phone - day or night, week day or weekend. As new pool owners, the equipment can be very intimidating. It can also be worrisome to deal with chemical balancing. Kirk set our minds at ease and gave us great advice on what to do that is essential, and what is not. Set foot in a pool store and you are quickly overwhelmed with chemical choices - it is difficult to know what would be good for your pool, and what is unnecessary. Kirk outlined the basics and made it easy for us to get only what we needed.

Along the way, Kirk was great with educating us on not only the equipment, but other aspects of our new pool as well. Had we known about his services before we bought, we may have done a few things differently - or at least known some other questions to ask. As it turns out we hired a great pool company and everything is wonderful, but it would have been nice to know a few things ahead of time.

We would highly recommend Kirk and SPPRC for anyone who is looking to build a new pool, renovate an existing one, or simply wants to pick the brain of someone who is definitely in the know when it comes to swimming pools!

Kris & Charlie McCurry, Sykesville, Maryland