Swimming Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool DamageDepending on what type of pool you own or manage - vinyl lined, concrete or tiled - it will require renovations at some point in its life. In our region in particular, harsh, hard-freezing winters can significantly impact your pool's construction. Other factors like ground water surges and floods can also cause major damage.

When Should I Have Renovations Done?

One key factor to keeping your renovation costs to a minimum - and one key factor that is all too often NOT done - is performing renovations early. Although spending the money before your pool is "broken" might not make you jump for joy, performing needed renovations early can save you big money in the long run. At the first sign of wear or damage, it is wise to have your pool checked.

The experts at SPPRC can help. We will take a look at its current state, and advise you on when to have renovations performed. Don't let what happened to this pool happen to yours! Let us do an evaluation. We can outline what is needed and even help you line up the best contractors to do the work. We are well connected in the industry and have helped many homeowners and property managers through the renovation process.