Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency

Family Swimming PoolWe certainly do love our pools, don't we? But the cost to run them...not so much! If you're spending far too much to run your pool, there may be ways to save.

If your pool equipment is more than 5 years old, it may not be as energy efficient as it could be. Technological advances happen each year, helping to save energy and thus save you money.

Heating your pool in particular can greatly increase the cost to run your pool each year. Now, however, there are better ways to maximize efficiency.

The experts at SPPRC can evaluate your pool's equipment, review what you are spending to run it, and suggest ways to save...and leave a smaller environmental footprint. Often times, performing some simple upgrades is all it takes.

If you are looking to save energy and save money...and love your pool even more...contact SPPRC today.